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Cultivate the competencies to foster effective business value-producing relationships between service providers and their business partners.

Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) is a leading non-profit corporation that serves the Business Relationship Management professional community.

BRMI has partnered with APMG to promote wider adoption of world-class Business Relationship Management training and facilitate widespread availability of BRMI professional certifications.

Certify your ability to:

  • Perform as a strategic partner, contributing to business strategy formulation and shaping business demand for the service provider’s services.
  • Use Portfolio Management disciplines and techniques to maximize realized business value.
  • Understand the principles of effective and persuasive communication.


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Managing Benefits™

Realizing projects' intended benefits

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Change Analyst

Developing the wisdom and foresight needed to deliver change

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The APMG Public-Private Partnerships Certification Program

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What is BRMI?

Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) is a leading non-profit corporation that serves the Business Relationship Management professional community by providing membership, certification and professional development to help maximize Business Relationship Management capability in organizations. BRMI is the go-to source of up-to-date BRM knowledge and leading practices and the forum to exchange ideas with other practitioners in the field.

BRMI has partnered with APMG-International, a global leader in accreditation and certification services, to promote wider adoption of world-class Business Relationship Management training and facilitate widespread availability of BRMI professional certifications. APMG-International, is responsible for facilitating the delivery of Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)and Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) training and certification.

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) Certification examination:

BRMP® training is a world-class professional development program designed to provide foundation-level knowledge of Business Relationship Management. The BRMP® exam is designed to test an individual’s learning through rigorous examination providing a leading verifiable benchmark of BRM professional acumen and achievement.

How can I train for the exam?

Training for BRMP® and CBRM® is available from the network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who are assessed and certified by APMG-International. The full list of BRMI ATOs can be found here.

Only these organizations and registered partners/affiliates are authorized to deliver BRMP® and CBRM® training.

Do I have to receive training to sit the exam?

Yes, course attendance is mandatory and is the only way you can access the examination.

How do I sit the examination?

Exams can be taken via an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) as part of an accredited training course. Choose a BRMP certification level to find an ATO.

How much does it cost to sit the examination?

The cost of the examination is included within the course fee.

Are there any pre-requisites for the examinations?

The only pre-requisite for the BRMP® examinations is attendance on an accredited training course.

Candidates must achieve a pass on the BRMP® examination before completing the CBRM® examination.

What are the main publications for the BRMP® certification and where can I purchase them?

The BRMP® examination is based on the Business Relationship Management Interactive Body of Knowledge (BRMiBOK), which is available to BRMI members via their website. Further details can be find here.

There is also an ePublication of the BRMiBOK, designed specifically for BRMP® course attendees, called the BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge. Further information and purchasing details can be found here:

Which languages are the examinations available in?

The exams are currently available in English only.

How long will it take to learn the BRMP® and CBRM® material?

BRMP® courses are generally delivered over 3 days and CBRM® courses are generally delivered over 4 days. However, we recommend investigating with individual providers, as many may offer tailored learning solutions.

How long are the qualifications valid for?

The BRMP® qualification is not valid for a defined period and will not expire.

The CBRM® qualification is valid for 3 years, candidates will need to comply with BRMI Continuous Education requirements to retain certification.

When can I expect the results of my examination?

Foundation examinations can be marked on location after the exam, but this is down to the discretion of the invigilator at the time. Official confirmation will follow from your ATO after the results have certified by APMG.

Your result will be sent to your ATO approximately 7-10 days after your exam date. Your ATO should notify you of your results so please contact them for further details.

When will I receive my certificate?

A foundation certificate will be dispatched to you approximately 2 weeks after we have received your exam paper back into our offices, if you only took the foundation exam.

If you sat the practitioner or both exams, a practitioner certificate will be dispatched 2 weeks after the practitioner results have been released.

Please note that if you have taken your examinations via an ATO, certificates will be dispatched based on the preferences that the ATO selected when booking the exam. The ATO can select either an e-certificate or hard copy and whether this type is sent to the ATO or directly to the candidate.

If you have not received your certificate shortly after the above time frame please contact our Customer Interaction Team –

What is the pass mark for the BRMP and CBRM examination?

BRMP candidates must achieve 25/50 (50%) to pass.

CBRM candidates must achieve 40/80 (50%) to pass.

What pass mark is required to be eligible to become a BRMP Trainer?

To be eligible to apply to become a BRMP approved trainer, individuals must achieve a score of 66% (33/50) in the exam.

To be eligible to apply to become a CBRM approved trainer, individuals must achieve a score of 65% (52/80) in the exam.

How do I find out if I scored enough to be eligible to become a trainer?

To find out if you scored enough to be eligible as a trainer, please email noting your interest. A representative of the Service Desk will be able to advise.

How do I become a BRM approved trainer?

All BRM trainers must be ""sponsored"" by a BRMP or CBRM accredited training organization (ATO). Details of all BRMP and CBRM ATOs can be found at: 

A trainer application must be submitted by the sponsoring ATO to their relevant APMG-International office.

How does my organization become a BRMP or CBRM Accredited Training Organization (ATO)?

An organization wishing to become a BRMP or CBRM ATO should apply to become accredited or contact their local APMG International office. The organization will then be subject to APMG International's ATO assessment process.