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Managing Benefits consolidates existing guidance on benefits management into one place, while expanding on the specific practices and techniques aimed at optimizing benefits realization.

Certify your ability to:

  • Implement methods, including knowledge of management accountancy, behavioural finance, psychology, neuro-science and systems thinking.
  • Forecast realistic benefits to produce business cases which address business issues and objectives and provide a route to measure success.
  • Outline costs and benefits to drive business objectives.
  • Facilitate an organization-wide understanding of the benefits a project or programme will produce and be able to measure when they are realized.
  • Enable organizations to demonstrate more efficient and effective practices through better use of available resources. This enhances an organization's ability to retain motivated and skilled change management staff and to attract investors.
Managing Benefits Foundation digital badge


Learn the benefits management principles, practices, techniques, roles & documents.

Project Management, Client Engagement, Change Management, Programme Management
Who is Foundation for?
  • Senior executives, including Change and Transformation Directors, responsible for delivering value for money from the organization’s investments in change and achieving the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Senior Responsible Owners (SRO’s)/Sponsors/Project Board Executives and project and programme management (PPM) and change management professionals responsible for delivering the change initiatives from which benefits are realized.
  • Portfolio managers and Portfolio Office staff responsible for managing the organization’s portfolio of change initiatives – including optimizing the contribution to strategic objectives.
  • Business Case writers responsible for delivering reliable cases on which to base investment decisions.
  • Finance professionals and economists responsible for undertaking, or participating in, investment appraisal and portfolio prioritization reviews.
  • Business managers responsible for managing the operational functions by which, or within which, change initiatives are delivered and benefits are realized.
  • Change Managers and Benefits Managers responsible for managing business change and benefits realization.
  • Others with an interest in the successful delivery of change, including strategic planners, operational performance managers, internal and external auditors, procurement and commercial professionals etc.
What are the key things you will learn?
  •     Definitions, scope and objectives of benefits management, barriers to its effective practice, and the key success characteristics.
  •     Principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are based.
  •     Five practices contained within the Benefits Management Cycle and relevant techniques applicable to each practice.
  •     Scope of key roles and responsibilities for benefits management and the typical contents of the main benefits management documentation.
  •     Approaches to implementation and the factors to consider in sustaining progress.
Exam format:
  •     Multiple choice format
  •     50 questions per paper
  •     25 marks or more required to pass (out of 50 available) - 50%
  •     40 minutes duration
  •     Closed-book.
Managing Benefits Practitioner digital badge


Apply and tailor the Managing Benefits guidance in a scenario situation.

Change Management, Information Management & Analysis
Who is Practitioner for?
  • Change leaders e.g. Senior Responsible Owners, members of Management Boards and Directors of Change.
  • Change initiators e.g. strategic planners and policy leads.
  • Change appraisers and evaluators e.g. finance professionals and economists, business case writers, auditors and project appraisers.
  • Change implementers/enablers e.g. Portfolio, Programme and Project Managers.
  • Change support e.g. Portfolio, Programme.
What are the key things you will learn?
  • Planning the implementation of benefits management, select appropriate strategies to sustain and measure progress.
  • Selecting and adapt principles, practices and techniques to suit different organizational environments.
  • Identifying activities that should be undertaken during each of the practices of the Benefits Management Cycle together with the accountabilities and responsibilities of each of the defined roles.
  • Evaluating examples of benefits management information (documents).
  • Analysing the solutions adopted in relation to a given scenario.
Exam format:
  •     Objective testing
  •     8 questions per paper with 10 marks available per question
  •     40 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%
  •     2 ½ hours duration
  •     Open book exam (Managing Benefits guide only)


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What is a Managing Benefits digital badge?

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When you pass an exam - you'll instantly have the option to claim a digital badge representing your new certificate.

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How do I claim my Managing Benefits digital badge?

Once you’ve been notified that you’ve passed your exam - you will have the option to create a digital badge in APMG's Candidate Portal.

Visit APMG's Candidate Portal, view your exam results and select 'Create Badge'.

This takes you to the Acclaim website where the digital badges are hosted. You will be guided through the Acclaim account creation process.

Once you have created an account with Acclaim - login into the account and accept your pending badge.

What is Managing Benefits?

Managing Benefits is the guidance from APMG-International. The purpose of the guidance is to provide managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a variety of organizations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques. Managing Benefits provides:

  • An overview of benefits management - what it is, the case for doing it, and some common misconceptions that can limit its effectiveness in practice.
  • Descriptions of the seven principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are built, and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice.
  • Guidance on how to apply benefits management at a portfolio level, as well as at an individual project or programme level.
  • Details of the five practices in the Benefits Management Cycle and examples of how they can be/have been applied in practice.
  • Advice on how to get started in implementing effective benefits management practices and sustain progress.

How can I train for the Managing Benefits examinations?

Training for Managing Benefits is available from the network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who are assessed and certified by APMG-International. The full list of Managing Benefits ATOs can be found HERE.

Only these organizations and registered partners/affiliates are authorized to deliver Managing Benefits training.

Do I have to receive training to sit the exam?

No, however this is recommended. In addition to receiving accredited training, individuals also have the option of self-study to prepare for the examinations. APMG-International administers public exam sessions around the world to accommodate those who self study.

How do I sit the exams?

The vast majority of Managing Benefits accredited training organizations include the examinations as part of the associated training course. Alternatively, and for individuals that have self-studied, APM Group administers public exam sessions around the world. Sessions are run at certain APMG-International offices. There are four dedicated centres in the UK for public examinations, and in the United States we utilize the public library network to facilitate sessions.

How much does it cost to sit the Managing Benefits examinations?

If you are sitting the examinations through an accredited training organization, the costs of the exams are generally included in the course fee. APMG-International use a global pricing structure, so for those sitting exams at a public exam centre, the cost is dependent on where the exams are being sat. To find out the cost in your region, please contact the APMG-International service desk on +44 (0)1494 452450 or at:

Are there any pre-requisites for the Managing Benefits examinations?

There are no pre-requisites for the foundation examination. Candidates must achieve a pass at foundation level before completing the practitioner examination.

Candidates will also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to sitting their examination. Please click HERE to see a copy of these.

What is the main publication for Managing Benefits and where can I purchase it?

Training courses and qualifications are supported by the Managing Benefits Guide, published by The Stationery Office. This can be purchased from APMG Business Books at:

The majority of Managing Benefits accredited training organizations include the Guide as part of the course fee.

Which languages are Managing Benefits examinations available in?

Managing Benefits examinations are currently available in English only.

Which languages is the Managing Benefits guide available in?

The Managing Benefits Guide is currently available in English only.

How long will it take to learn the Managing Benefits material?

For individuals self-studying it is almost impossible to say. As all candidates have different experience and amount of time available for study, it varies from person to person. We suggest you buy the guide and have a look through for yourself before deciding how long you need to spend learning.

For those studying with an accredited training organization, foundation courses are generally delivered over 3 days, while combined foundation and practitioner courses are generally delivered over 5 days. It is well worth investigating with individual providers, as many will offer tailored and blended learning solutions.

How long are the Managing Benefits qualifications valid for?

The qualifications are not valid for a defined period and will not expire.

When can I expect the results of my Managing Benefits Examinations?

Foundation examinations can be marked on location after the exam, but this is down to the discretion of the invigilator at the time. Practitioner answer sheets are marked at APMG-International offices and results released soon after.

Your result will be sent to your ATO approximately 7-10 days after your exam date. Your ATO should notify you of your results so please contact them for further details.

If you did not take your exam through an ATO, your results will be sent directly to you via the relevant APMG-International office approximately 7-10 days after the date of your exam.

When will I receive my certificate?

A foundation certificate will be dispatched to you approximately 2 weeks after we have received your exam paper back into our offices, if you only took the foundation exam.

If you sat a practitioner or both exams, a practitioner certificate will be dispatched 2 weeks after the practitioner results have been released.

Please note that if you have taken your examinations via an ATO, certificates will be dispatched based on the preferences that the ATO selected when booking the exam. The ATO can select either an e-certificate or hard copy and whether this type is sent to the ATO or directly to the candidate.

If you have not received your certificate shortly after the above time frames please contact our Customer Interaction Team –

What are the pass marks for the Managing Benefits examinations?

Pass marks for the Managing Benefits examinations are as follows:
Foundation: You will need to score 25/50 to pass the foundation exam.
Practitioner: You will need to score 40/80 to pass the practitioner exam.

What pass mark is required to be eligible to become a Managing Benefits Approved Trainer?

To be eligible to apply to become a Managing Benefits approved trainer, individuals must achieve a score of 66% (53/80) in the practitioner exam.

How do I find out if I scored enough to be eligible to become a trainer?

To find out if you scored enough to be eligible as a trainer, please email noting your interest. A representative of the Service Desk will be able to advise.

How can I advertise myself as Managing Benefits qualified on my business card?

Candidates who have passed the Managing Practitioner examination can apply “Managing Benefits Practitioner” on their business cards.

Can I use the Managing Benefits logo?

Only organizations licensed to do so are allowed to use the Managing Benefits logo. This includes Managing Benefits ATOs (Accredited Training Organizations) accredited by APMG-International. The APMG-International Managing Benefits and Swirl Device logo is a Trade Mark of APMG Group Limited and should not be used without prior permission or an appropriate license.

How do I become a Management Benefits approved trainer?

All Managing Benefits trainers must be "sponsored" by a Managing Benefits accredited training organization (ATO). Details of all Managing Benefits ATOs can be found HERE .

A trainer application must be submitted by the sponsoring ATO to their relevant APMG-International office.

How does my organization become a Managing Benefits Accredited Training Organization (ATO)?

An organization wishing to become a Managing Benefits ATO must first submit an application form to either the APMG-International service desk or a regional APMG-International office. The organization will then be subject to APMG-International's ATO assessment process.


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