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Change, Risk & Benefits

Organizations are constantly going through transformational changes.

Successfully Implementing Change Initiatives

Organizations are constantly going through transformational changes which can either be managed as a programme or a project.

Unfortunately, the main element of any change initiative – the period of transition, which involves moving from the old to new ways of working – is not always planned and managed well.

The APMG Change Management course has a strong focus on the ‘human’ or ‘people’ side of change. The syllabus covers four key areas:

  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organization
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Change management practice

View this webinar to find out how Raj Khanna Associates, instead of following the traditional order, have aligned the syllabus to the delivery of effective programmes and projects. This approach allows the participants to see which element of change appears where in the programme or project journey. This enables the team to understand and apply the principles of change management appropriately, ensuring they are aligned to organizational needs, leading to increased chances of success, improved delivery and better realisation of benefits.

Successfully Implementing Change Initiatives


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