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Is Agile right for your organization?

Governance, management and strategy: do they fit in an Agile world, and if so, how?

How can executives and managers effectively contribute to an Agile business change, and even more importantly, should they?  Or do they just leave it to a subject matter expert like a product owner, or someone similar, to make all the decisions for their organisation?  Are concepts like strategic alignment, business justification, and benefits realisation even relevant in an Agile world, or is everything important just captured in a list of functions and features like a backlog?  Are Agile practices only for the systems development team, or is there more involved to successful dynamic business change?

These questions and more will be discussed during APMG and ALC’s webinar on the 26 February, “Governance, management and strategy, do they fit in an Agile world, and if so, how?

Using AgilePM – the leading Agile business change guide from the Agile Business Consortium – practical suggestions for how to resolve these critical business issues will be considered.



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