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Project Management for NGOs (PM4NGOs) is an international NGO that promotes and sustains the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector.

PM4NGOs created Program Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro) - a certification for the development community and has developed a guide intended to provide advice, tools and guidance to help Program Managers work effectively in local, national and international NGOs.

The Guide to the Program Management for Development Professionals (PgMD) was officially launched in July 2017 at the Inside NGOs/LINGOs annual conference in Washington DC to meet international standards in the development sector.

Program managers play an essential role in organisations by providing an interface between their strategic management team and project managers who are accountable for the successful delivery of small, medium and large projects. PgMD guide focuses on practical applicability for NGOs. The tools and standards set in this guide are not just limited to the development sector but are also beneficial to the private sector.

The Program Guide is now being refined based on the feedback received from the community. A free copy of this PgMD is available to download on the PM4NGOs website; Candidates can provide feedback on this guide by contacting PM4NGOs via the following channels;




The Program Guide (PgMD) approaches the program lifecycle in a comprehensive manner, incorporating the disciplines, tools and templates needed to deliver successful programs. It highlights five essential principles that are common to all program phases and should be applied skilfully at program and project levels. All programs must be; well governed, participatory, comprehensive, integrated and adaptive.

About PM4NGOs

PM4NGOs is an international non-profit organisation that seeks for an equitable and sustainable world where social investments achieves the greatest impact. PM4NGOs promotes excellence in the management of social investment projects and programmes through the creation and development of best practice guidance for development professionals, certification schemes for those working in the sector who will be proud to hold an internationally recognised qualification and a forum for communication and discussion about international development sector best practise. The PM4NGOs mission is to promote and sustain the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector.


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