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PMD Pro is aligned with existing internationally recognized project management standards and includes components specific to the NGO sector.

PMD was developed in partnership with Project Management for NGOs (PM4NGOs), an organization dedicated to optimizing international project investments and improving professional project management skills in the development sector.

Certify your ability to:

  • Implement a range of tools and techniques to be used for managing projects and workloads.
  • Apply knowledge which is relevant to the environment and conditions in which it is utilized.
  • Use systems used in international, well-known non-government organizations which have helped to increase productivity in developing sectors.
  • Utilize specialist skills such as planning and implementation by adding best practices.
  • Improve quality and communication through an organization-wide common language.
  • Maximize the value of project management investments for both the investors and the people who will benefit from investments.


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What is the PMD Pro qualification scheme?

"The Project Management in Development for Professionals (PMD Pro) is a new certification which has been developed with experts from several of the worlds best-known and highly regarded non-governmental organizations (charities). These organizations are committed to improving the use of the resources entrusted to them for development, relief and conservation projects. This certification is seen as an important benchmark for continuous improvement. APMG-International is working with Project Management for NGOs (PM4NGOs), an organization dedicated to the optimization of international project investments and improvement of professional project management skills, to develop and deliver this important scheme. 

The purpose of organizations in the international development sector is almost exclusively to deliver projects. Until now, project managers working for NGOs had few opportunities to acquire the same skills often required by other sectors. In addition, there are several unique factors which impact the way NGO projects are planned and implemented, and which their success is measured.

PMD Pro is a Project Management certification scheme designed for NGOs which:

Confers a similar professional status as other world-class certifications in other sectors

Is accessible to professionals irrespective of their geographical location

Recognizes the additional roles which project managers in the international development, relief and conservation sectors are expected to fulfill, and is relevant to the projects they manage. It takes into consideration the financial constraints faced by those who will benefit from the product.

Certificate holders will have access to other internationally-recognized certifications and take advantage of their wide range of learning opportunities and resources, including peer-to-peer learning, webinars, etc. to support their own learning and professional development.


What is PM4NGOs?

Project Management for NGOs is a working group comprising interested employees from several well-known international NGOs which seek to improve project management practice in their sector. Further details may be found at

How can I train for the Project Management in Development Professional certification?

For details of PMD Pro training courses provided by our Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) click here

Who should take this qualification?

"The following people should benefit from this qualification:

Individuals who already work in the Development sector

Project Managers from other sectors who wish to work in the targeted sectors

It is recognized that many Development Professionals work in least developed or developing countries where information and resources may be less accessible than in developed countries. The certification programme has been designed to make participation possible for as many people as possible, irrespective of their geographical locations."

How do I sit the exam/s?

In order to make these as accessible and as affordable as possible, the PMD Pro Level 1 and Level 2 exams rely on honesty and the professional conduct of the candidates. You can sit the online exam wherever you will be undisturbed for the duration of the exam and have access to a reliable internet connection. When you register for the exam, you will be asked to nominate an individual, for example a senior manager in your organization, to invigilate / proctor your exam. 

Any allegations or suspicions of dishonesty will be investigated. If the claims are justified, the candidate will be barred from taking further APMG certifications, and, at the discretion of the examination board, the candidate's employer may be sanctioned, which may entail requiring candidates from that organization, in the future, to sit exams at an approved test centre, which would incur additional cost.

Register for the Level 1 exam here.

Register for the Level 2 exam here.

Is the PMD Pro exam an open or closed book exam?

The PMD Pro exam is a closed book exam. 

How much does it cost to sit the PMD Pro examinations?

The price of PMD Pro exams is dependent on the location of the candidate and the location of the NGO they are working for:-

For staff of local NGOs working in the developing world and Students in the developing world the cost is $22 USD per exam.

For staff of international NGOs working in the developing world and staff of government ministries the cost is $60 USD per exam.

For all others, including, but not limited to, HQ-based staff of international NGOs, staff of multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies or consultants, the cost is $145 USD per exam.

Are there any pre-requisites for PMD Pro certification?

"There are no pre-requisites to applying for Level 1 certification.

The pre-requisite for to applying for Level 2 certification is the Level 1 certification."

Which languages are the PMD Pro examinations available in?

"The PMD Pro Level 1 examinations are available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Arabic, Russian and Dari.

The PMD Pro Level 2 examinations are available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Arabic and Russian."

How long are the PMD Pro certifications valid for?

The certifications are not valid for a defined period of time and will not expire.


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