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Professionals located in China can now take Enterprise Big Data Professional exams in their regional language.

With the availability of Chinese translated course and exam materials – Chinese training organizations can now facilitate growing demand for the new, vendor-neutral professional Big Data certification.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional certification demonstrates an individual’s proficiency in the analysis practices, technology concepts and mechanisms that comprise of and are featured in contemporary big data environments and tools.

EBDP training courses are delivered by esteemed, APMG-accredited training organizations – each benchmarked against exacting standards.

A vendor-neutral choice enabling a bespoke approach

The certification is based on the Big Data Framework guide - which is available free online via the Big Data Framework website.

The Framework is unusual in the fact that it is vendor-neutral, so successful candidates can customise a big data strategy to align to their organizations’ specific needs

An active and passionate community of practitioners continue to suggest improvements which will optimise the Big Data Framework on an ongoing basis

For more information contact Helen Yu or visit


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