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Change, Risk & Benefits

Dealing with change. Together.

Team change: the secret to a successful team

Don’t you hate it when the trailer of the movie contained the best scenes of the movie? I know I do!

So I intend to provide you a feel of what the Change Management course is like without actually spoiling any topics. Team change was part of the Change Management certification in the past, but with so many interesting topics to choose from, no longer is. 

However, team change does have two links with change. Firstly, change is often initiated in teams. Secondly, improving the effectiveness of a team is also a form of change. 

What I like about this topic is that the models we will discuss can improve your teams effectiveness in a very pragmatic way. You might already know Tuckman and Belbin. Less known and at least as valuable are the models of Glaser and Glaser on one hand and Lencioni on the other. Insights that you can put to practice with your team immediately.

Team change: the secret to a successful team


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