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IT Governance & Service

The importance of good governance and management of information.

How COBIT 5 & BiSL address Governance and Management of Information

Find out how COBIT 5 and BiSL can combine to address the governance and management of information which has become a major and complex business issue over recent years.

Steven de Haes (Professor at the Antwerp Management School in Belgium) starts by covering general governance statements and introducing the COBIT IE publication, showcasing the highlights. Stephen's section concludes with the bridge to Demand and Use.

Steven then hands over to Mark Smalley (The IT Paradigmologist from the ASL BiSL Foundation) who explores the Demand and Use concept in further details, followed by an introduction to BiSL and its highlights.

Objectives of the session are to raise more awareness of the importance of good governance and management of information, as well as the benefits that COBIT and BiSL guidance can offer in this area.

This webinar is targeted at Practitioners in the areas of Information Management or IT Management in general, Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects and Information Managers. Trainers and consultants who serve customers in user organizations and IT department will also benefit.

How COBIT 5 & BiSL address Governance and Management of Information


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