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As a methodology, Better Business Cases’ added value is that it provides a tested and rigorous framework in which a business case can be built. Alongside MSP®, MoP® and PRINCE2® it provides a rigorous and complementary interface, ensuring that the Business Case of any project or program has been developed fully.

Too much capital has been unwisely spent because business cases have slipped through under the wire without sufficient attention to strategic fit, Value for Money focus on scoping options and affordability.

One of our public-sector clients requiring an extensive portfolio of programmes and projects to be launched, proactively planned ahead for staff development and capacity by organising Better Business Cases (BBC) training for over 100 business case writers and assurers. A new confidence and momentum has emerged. And whereas previously strategic, financial, commercial experts and senior programme and project managers would view the business case from their perspective alone, the BBC training has given them that necessary overview of the entire business case development process and there is a greater synergy. Separate consideration has been given to a one day tailored course for heads of departments and directors. The objective is to increase the spectrum of BBC awareness.

Here are some quotes from two recent delegates who attained practitioner status: “I returned from the course sufficiently inspired to put myself forward for BBC assignments within my Organisation, which I have accepted and already started.”

“I really enjoyed the course and the knowledge I gained will be useful both in my current role and in the future. We managed to get through a lot of content but time was made to answer questions, provide some real-life examples and give us space to reflect.”

And from a senior Assessor perspective: “Knowing a business case has been written in accordance with the five case model by practitioners helps improve quality by providing and encouraging completeness of documentation, setting expectations about what is required and helps make cases more robust. This minimises re-work and smooths the path through assurance, provides good governance and decision making.”

Another public sector client reported that his Business Case division had saved in the region of £2m in the first 4 months after training because they had introduced BBC standards for perspectives and thresholds, using the methodology to rank projects and ensure appropriate assurance was in place.

Contributed by;

Anne Bellingan of Pierce Mayfield, an APMG ATO. 


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