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9th June is celebrated as the World Accreditation Day (#WAD2017) internationally and so we at APMG are taking this opportunity to drive the importance of what we do best, accreditation!

Accreditation is a formal recognition by an authoritative body of the competence to work to specified standards. All accreditation standards include the principles of quality management systems, such as those found in well-recognized the ISO 9001 QMS standard. ‘Source: Planning and Building Control Today.

So why is it so important?

It is important primarily because it confirms that an institution exceeds the minimum set standards of quality. It gives candidates or students the confidence that the chosen institute for their education needs is acceptable for enrollment and hence determines acceptability of transferring credits.

An institution that is accredited demonstrates that;

  • It has participated in a structured process to assess, evaluate and improve quality
  • It is committed to maintaining higher standards of delivery than the minimum requirement consistently
  • It focuses on learning outcomes and delivers certifications that have practical applicability in the working world
  • It’s dedicated to involving faculty and staff alongside students in the self-assessing and continuous improvement process.

The employers love it! Why?

Because employers seek efficiency in the process of hiring and training new employees. Multinational corporations often resort to accreditation as a crucial factor in the hiring process. Employers often prefer to choose accredited candidates and find that they get to choose from a bunch of higher-quality applicants in the first place, hence saving them time and money in the over-all recruitment process. The perception is that an accredited certification helps formalize some theory to back up practical experience.

There is an international benefit too!

A professional qualification that is accredited to the highest standards from a well-established accrediting body is recognized by international businesses. Foreign recruiters feel more secure in considering candidates with credentials that they recognize and can measure across international boundaries.

In times when companies are creating jobs that change the way we think and the way the world operates; being a cut above the mediocre will go a long way in building the career you always wanted. So, get an accredited certification and raise the bar!

For more information on the World Accreditation Day, check out the UKAS website.