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BiSL Advanced – the follow up certification level to BiSL Foundation is now available.

The next level BiSL certification, BiSL Advanced has launched

22nd February 2016

BiSL Advanced – the follow up certification level to BiSL Foundation is now available. An innovation of the ASL BiSL Foundation – BiSL Advanced was made in response to BiSL Foundation certified professionals wanting to further distinguish themselves from other Business Information Managers.

Currently there are around 15,000 BiSL Foundation certified professionals, which prompted the request for an advanced level BiSL certification. BiSL Advanced differs from the Foundation certification in that it focusses on the knowledge of applying BiSL.

BiSL Advanced therefore enables certified business relationship managers to distinguish themselves with the knowledge of BiSL application.

The course lasts for 3 days and professionals with a BiSL Foundation certificate awarded before 1st May 2012 by EXIN, may also take their BiSL Advanced exam.

Supporting the certification are a bundle of articles compiled into the e-book, ‘Additional guidance BiSL® Advanced qualification’. The e-book is available to purchase on APMG Business Books.

BiSL was originally created by the ASL BiSL Foundation to enable professionals to be formally recognized for the effective management of business information. The wide-spread professionalization of the supply of IT services has necessitated better demand and use of information related technology – something BiSL was introduced to facilitate.

The Business Information Services Library (BiSL) framework delivers guidance on how to adopt a professional and systematic approach to the management of business information. Lending to BiSL’s popularity – the framework interfaces with and complements other frameworks and certifications such as BRMP, COBIT 5 and ITIL.

Training organizations interested in receiving APMG accreditation to deliver BiSL Advanced training courses should contact the APMG Accreditation team.