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Improving development projects with FMD Pro – Financial Management for the Development Professional.

FMD Pro is a new professional financial management certification for project managers who may not have financial management knowledge and skills.

The certification is aimed at project managers working in development and relief sectors.

Better financial management is much more likely to increase the success and impact of humanitarian projects.

FMD Pro provides cost-effective, widely accessible resources, training and certification for non-financial project managers.

What is FMD Pro?

Getting certified costs as little as $22 for staff of Non-governmental organizations.

Exams for FMD Pro are available to book through APMG’s online exams system. APMG’s secure online system allows you take an exam anytime at a location of your choosing.

You can self-study for the exam using the FMD Pro Guide and other free resources available on the FMD Pro official website. An e-learning financial management training course is due to be released on the site soon. 

get certified

Improve projects for free, immediately - anytime.

In addition to the certification program – project managers have access to an online, condensed version of the guide on FMD Pro Starter.

FMD Pro Starter provides 15 commonly used financial management tools – with which project managers can apply to their projects immediately, at anytime.

FMD Pro Starter

Reinforcing the financial management skills of project managers working for development and humanitarian organizations will help maximise these organizations’ effectiveness.


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