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Project Management

The Praxis Framework™ is the world’s first free framework to encompass the management of projects, programmes and portfolios.

APMG International has launched a new certification to help optimise project and programme delivery – assisting individuals in achieving maximum results in a short timeframe. The certification allows professionals to demonstrate their capability to deliver projects and programmes in today’s fast paced environment.

The certification is based on the Praxis Framework which is available free online. It combines the four pillars of effective project delivery; knowledge, method, competency and capability within a single framework. By encompassing the full breadth of guidance required for successful project and programme management, project managers no longer need to cross-reference multiple guides.

The Praxis Framework is driven by an active international community that has contributed a wealth of resources including a glossary, translations, templates, case studies and blogs.

Adrian Dooley, Praxis Framework Lead Author says,

“since the 1970s project management’s popularity continues to climb but the guidance has splintered into many, often incompatible publications that use different terminologies and conflicting structures.

"The Praxis Framework realigns good practice so that it serves that original goal; providing clear, coherent guidance on optimising project, programme and portfolio delivery. Because the entire framework is freely available online – Praxis provides a highly accessible resource that can be dipped into at any time. If a challenge arises during project delivery, a project manager can quickly search for a solution."

Praxis diagram outlining the elements comprising the framework

The immediate online accessibility of Praxis facilitates continued development beyond formal Praxis training and community members can suggest improvements to the framework which will be considered for inclusion.

The Praxis Framework Certification launches with three products – Foundation, Practitioner and the Bridging Course. Foundation is the entry level certification – delivering the knowledge needed to become an effective project or programme team member. Practitioner certifies that an individual knows how to use and tailor the Praxis Framework for a project or a programme.

For those already certified in other frameworks like PRINCE2® or the APM qualification PFQ – completing The Bridging Course is another route to becoming a Praxis Framework Practitioner – without the need to have the Praxis Framework Foundation certificate. The Bridging Course highlights the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent frameworks, preparing individuals to apply this integrated framework to their organisations’ projects or programmes.

Richard Pharro, CEO, APM Group says,

“As some project management guidance has become more convoluted - Praxis represents a fresh start for project and programme managers seeking guidance. Praxis distils a large number of guides – taking the essence from each. The result is a single, comprehensive guide with a supporting certification to augment project and programme delivery.

“Traditionally people would need to take at least three project and programme management certifications to achieve the breadth of knowledge provided by the Praxis Framework. Often the contents of each certification overlap – making much of what is studied superfluous. The Praxis certification cuts out the repetition – combining the value of three introductory certifications into a single one.

“I’m confident Praxis certified professionals will be widely recognized for their all-round abilities in project and programme management.”  

The Praxis Framework™

About Praxis Framework™

Praxis is a free, community driven framework which can help individuals and organisations realise the intended benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios. The Framework was launched in 2014 and a testament to the framework’s quality volunteers have donated their time to translate the entire framework from English into Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish with other translations already underway.  

Praxis Framework certifications will be available in January 2018 from APMG’s Accredited Training Organizations.

About APMG International

APMG accredits organizations to deliver training courses and consultancy services for a broad range of professional certification schemes. APMG’s long history of accrediting organizations worldwide – combined with their rigorous assessment process means that APMG accredited organizations are recognized for their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

APMG have a diverse portfolio of certification schemes including internationally renowned solutions for project, business and IT management, Cyber Security and Public-private partnerships.  APMG’s portfolio of certification schemes – supported by a network of APMG accredited organizations makes it easy to find a nearby training course or consultancy service.



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