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We will provide training with Wijnand Lens as a trainer

The Project Academy is an independent training institute with a strong drive to give people knowledge that really works in practice.

With this in mind, we were the first in the Netherlands to choose to develop training courses for the Praxis framework. Praxis is a powerful and flexible framework that helps the Portfolio, Program, Project Manager and PMO's in a very practical way in both Agile and Waterfall environments.

We are also convinced of the open source approach, which is constantly improving the framework.

Praxis Framework


Scrambled arrows passing through a bullseye - emerging in a straight direction

Program Management for Development Professionals (PgMD Pro)

Align projects to the overall development sector strategy. Bullseye an NGO’s targets.

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Windfarms in the distance - with dandelions in the foreground

The APMG Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Certification Program

Maximising PPP performance worldwide

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Earned Value

Perfecting performance measurement

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