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Last year APMG International witnessed a huge rise in the uptake of Lean IT Foundation exams.

2016 marks a successful year for the Lean IT Foundation certificate

2nd February 2017

Last year APMG International witnessed a huge rise in the uptake of Lean IT Foundation exams. By the end of 2016 the number of Lean IT Foundation exams taken with APMG and its network of accredited training organisations - had increased by 55% compared with the previous year.

Now more businesses are acutely aware of the need to have efficient and effective IT processes in place to deliver maximum value to clients. This increase in Lean IT certified professionals may be attributed to greater numbers of businesses looking to achieve excellence through applying Lean IT practices.

Giving an explanation as to how Lean IT inspires confidence in his organization’s clients – Markus Seiler, Associate Director, IT Service Management, ServiceNow said, “Lean IT has been hugely beneficial as it allows me to showcase a different mind-set and approach to my clients, particularly in the ITIL space, who are battling overburden through process and compliance.”

Michael Mulcahy, working as Director said that Lean IT Foundation provided a, “deep understanding of a set of values and a framework for improvement that will amplify my ability to be successful as an agent of change.”

Lean principles were popularised by Toyota when it developed the lean Toyota Production System (TPS). Lean Principles focus on building a customer and value conscious culture in which employees and managers actively engage in eliminating waste and inflexibility in a business – thereby enabling customers to receive optimal service. Lean IT focusses on applying the Lean Principles to an IT environment.

The focus is on developing a culture as opposed to the technical aspects of IT. Lean IT certified professionals have proof of their ability to apply Lean practices and insights to the benefit of a business’ IT.

APMG is proud to see the certification grow and be embraced by growing numbers of professionals and businesses. APMG’s network of trusted accredited training organizations have delivered Lean IT training courses for several years. They are dedicated to ensuring that certified professionals and the businesses they work in receive the maximum benefits Lean IT can bring.  

APMG is also a proud founding member of the Lean IT Association (LITA) – a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring businesses worldwide enjoy the advantages of establishing Lean IT processes.

APMG offers three levels of the Lean IT certification – Foundation, Kaizen and Leadership.

Lean IT Foundation is the entry-level certification – which certifies that an individual understands the basic concepts and core principles of Lean IT practices. Foundation certified individuals have demonstrated their ability to apply the Lean IT practices under the guidance of a Lean IT expert.

Foundation certified professionals can then pursue the Kaizen certificate – which focuses on how to achieve continuous improvements in a business through incremental changes.  

Lean IT Leadership certified professionals have demonstrated their ability to lead the application of Lean principles into a business’ IT processes and can ensure they are applied successfully. 

For more information on getting Lean IT certified – either through an accredited training course or self-study, visit the