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Like many practices, Agile may not deliver the intended results if it's not implemented properly

Three practices to prevent Agile implementation failure

The uptake of agile has been increasing exponentially, as successful organisations see the benefits they can achieve to help them deal with an unprecedented level of change and uncertainty.

In this webinar we are going to share with you three tried and tested practices that you can apply, to ensure that you can adopt agile with confidence, and run successful agile projects and programmes.

Each of the three practices supports the other two, so we have an agile project approach to drive successful outcomes, the key Business Analyst role that must be assigned to an agile project, and something for the C-Suite – the big picture, programme view of agile.

The three practices are:

AgilePM (Agile Project Management)
You cannot afford being left behind in the Agile Age! As an individual you want to stay up to date, skilled and competent with the latest Agile approach, and as a business you must embed agile capabilities across your change portfolio.

AgilePM is a sensible agile project approach that provides us with a full ‘project’ focus, including the management of agile teams, timeboxing and MOSCOW prioritisation.

This webinar will introduce the fundamentals of this agile approach, including the principles, roles, planning and estimating, as well as the tailoring guidelines, and will provide the foundation for introducing you to the AgileBA and AgilePgM certifications.

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AgileBA (Agile Business Analysis)
The introduction of an Agile approach has a significant impact on the role of the Business Analyst’s skill set and way of working.

AgileBA provides business analysts with an excellent breadth and depth of understanding of business analysis techniques in an Agile environment.

During the webinar we will introduce you to the importance of the Agile Business Analyst role in the agile team, the analysis processes and practices, and the BA responsibilities within an Agile project.

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AgilePgM (Agile Programme Management)
AgilePgM provides us with the often-missed part of agile; how to sensibly group agile and waterfall projects together, and how to manage them from a senior managers perspective.

During the webinar we will cover the importance of employing agile thinking at a senior level, to ensure that organizations become agile across the enterprise, able to deliver transformational change faster, at lower cost, and with lower risk by continuous realization of benefits and validation of programme goals against business strategy.

We will introduce you to the agile programme principles, roles and lifecycle, programme planning and prioritizing, and show you how AgilePgM complements and works with existing corporate methodologies (e.g. PRINCE2®, AgilePM) and quality processes.

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Three practices to prevent Agile implementation failure


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