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Change, Risk & Benefits

The biggest blocker to a change initiative is often the culture and attitude of the team.

That's not how we do it around here!

Presenters Julie and Cath will discuss the term heard in many organizations: "that isn't how we do it around here".

Cath and Julie will use the new Kotter book to discuss this issue and look at how useful it is to use stories and parables when explaining a theory to individuals. They will also focus on the culture and attitude of individuals with regards to change initiatives.

Cath and Julie work with clients in both public and private sectors as change managers and trainers.  Cath has presented on the "Penguin Man" at many conferences and has fallen in love with the new Kotter book.

This webinar is designed for anyone interested or active in change management, those that use communication within their organization, as well as managers & team leaders.

That's not how we do it around here!


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