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For those of us working with Agile, the benefits are obvious.

Selling Agile to Senior Managers

For those of us working with Agile, the benefits are obvious and we strongly believe that Agile is intuitively the right way to work. However, there are many that still need convincing. Successful adoption of Agile often requires fundamental change in the way an organization operates (culture) and it’s not uncommon to meet resistance when attempting to persuade decision makers and those with authority that it's the best way to work.

During this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin will:

  • Identify what is really important for senior managers
  • Demonstrate how Agile meets their needs
  • Explain how to engage senior managers to accept an Agile approach

Melanie is an experienced consultant specializing in project, programme and change management for the last 25 years and a keen supporter and promoter of Agile. She helps organizations to identify, define and implement transformational change.

Selling Agile to Senior Managers


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