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IT Governance & Service

DevOps & Agile Skills for practice

DevOps & Agile Skills for practice

DevOps is one of the central pillars for the realization of automation, continuous improvement and fast time-to-market. This requires a multitude of competencies, not just technology. The DASA competence model is the core for the successful implementation of DevOps.


We want to invite you to the DASA Exchange Germany on Tuesday, 19.06.2018 from 10:00 -17:00 so that you can benefit from the knowledge of others or contribute your own experience.


Since DevOps is based on collaboration, the format is also appropriate: You will experience guided discussions at five theme tables with leading experts who provide information on the state of knowledge in their field. In this way, you will not only gain knowledge about interesting content on this day, but will also be in direct contact with experts who deal with these topics in the industry. You will have the opportunity to take part in all the theme tables.

Please register here:


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