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The world's leading framework and certification for agile project management.

8 Reasons to Adopt AgilePM

Agile approaches continue to increase in popularity in the world of project management. A range of popular Agile methods have been employed to varying degrees by organizations to support their project management practices.

But few of them offer a complete project management solution (e.g. covering the full project lifecycle, roles & responsibilities, etc).

AgilePM guidance – published by the Agile Business Consortium – offers a complete framework for agile project management, achieving an ideal balance between the standards, rigour and visibility required for good project management, and the fast-pace, change and empowerment provided by agile.

And it’s proving very popular. Since its introduction in 2010, over 85,000 AgilePM exams have been sat globally, making it the leading guidance and certification for agile project management.

During this webinar, Armel Quirino (AgilePM instructor at QRP International) will delve into the guidance, outlining the key features that make it a complete framework for successful agile projects.

8 Reasons to Adopt AgilePM


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