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IT Governance & Service

What is your IT Asset Management program?

The Whys and Whats of IT Asset Management

If you have IT assets, you have an ITAM program. But how good is it? Is it merely an inventory of hardware and software? Or have you implemented a program that was designed to protect your company from financial risk, cyber risk, loss of data assets, or a sullied reputation? Is your ITAM program a core competency that is contributing to your organization’s success or is just another cost center? Is your ITAM program giving you a competitive advantage? Is your ITAM program increasing shareholder value? Are you still asking the question “how do I align IT with the rest of my business?”

A well-designed IT asset management program requires the involvement of different departments in the enterprise, and a well-documented plan which covers everything from purchase through disposal and beyond.

In this first webinar in our series, we will discuss what constitutes an IT asset management program, and why a default program is not enough.

Our speaker is Mr. Roger Mallett. Roger is Senior Architect and Chief Technologist for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software. He provides expert advice and guidance on software architecture and solutions to companies across EMEA. Roger delivers thought-leadership and strategic direction for enterprise customers often operating in complex environments and generating positive outcomes.

Roger works with many of the world’s best known companies where he is regarded as a trusted adviser in terms of their on-going IT business.  Roger is a global expert in asset management; he was one of the first to be honored as an IAITAM Fellow.

The Whats and Whys of IT Asset Management


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