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Executives typically pay scant attention to IT Asset Management.

ITAM and the Benefits to Executive Management

Executives typically pay scant attention to IT Asset Management, and when ITAM does cross their radar, it is often viewed as an administrative function, primarily concerned with the number of physical assets deployed throughout the enterprise.  Their attention might be raised if a software publisher demands a compliance audit or sends a large invoice to account for lost revenue if the company is deemed to have insufficient licenses (in number and/or type).  But, for the most part, IT assets are seen as something that is tracked, and not something that is managed.

This calls out the need for ITAM practitioners to educate executives on ITAM’s broader fiscal (financial, legal, regulatory) scope and value, and to express this in business terms meaningful to those executives. Ideally, ITAM is viewed as guardian of IT spend, risk mitigator and business advisor, and elevated to a higher (and proper) role in the organization.

In this webinar, we will discuss alignment of the ITAM program with executives’ priorities and objectives, as well as measures to elevate and expand ITAM’s role in the organization.

Our speaker is Sherry Irwin, founder (1995) and principal consultant of Technology Asset Management Inc. Sherry  is widely recognized as a pioneer, expert, educator and advocate in this maturing discipline,  Sherry also has deep experience in contract and vendor management which are integral to a robust ITAM program.  Sherry founded and hosts the Canadian ITAM Users’ Group – an industry first, and is the Canadian delegate to ISO 19770, the international standard for software asset management.  Sherry is honored to be recognized as an IAITAM Fellow, and is also an instructor for IAITAM’s CSAM and CHAMP courses.

IT Asset Management and the Benefits to Executive Management


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