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Change, Risk & Benefits

Discover the latest trends and developments.

Change Management in 2018: discover the latest trends

Start 2018 fully informed about how the change management profession is changing, and the impact this has on your career opportunities and personal development choices. Melanie will give us a tour through the key trends that will shape change management in the next 12 months including:

  1. More effort will be spent on explaining the value of change management
  2. Further integration with project management
  3. Greater recognition of the need for change management including:
    • More demand for qualified/experienced change leaders
    • Organisations will build stronger internal capability for change

These trends are going to impact those with existing change and transformation roles, and those working in project and programme roles and PMOs/CMOs.

Join our webinar to pose your questions about how our profession is developing and learn more about the Change Management Institute.

Change Management in 2018 - discover the latest trends


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