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Cyber Management Alliance is an accredited provider of GCHQ-Certified training.

The GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response Course will enable participants to prepare a defined and managed approach when responding to a data breach or attack of an information asset.

The content is intended for senior management and business executives who wish to gain a better understanding of incident response, to effectively deal with an actual data breach or cyber-attack. This is not a technical course so there are no prerequisites and there is an optional online GCHQ-Certified Training examination.

Cyber Management Alliance Cyber Incident Response Training
Cyber Management Alliance Cybersecurity Training Europe
Cyber Management Alliance Cybersecurity Yorkshire Police Training
Cyber Management Alliance Warwickshire Police Cybersecurity

This course is a one day immersive, intensive and interactive workshop.

A non-technical, strategic and operational course delivered by a global CISO and experienced practitioner in cyber security and data privacy - Amar Singh.

Organisations that have attended the course include United Nations, UK, Belgium and Czech police forces, Switzerland's National Bank, Microsoft, Adobe, Sony, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank, Emirates Airlines, Fujitsu and EY.

"Brilliant course with lots of good examples." National Bank of Switzerland

  • Create actionable plans, playbooks, processes and checklists.
  • Learn how to design and implement a response framework.
  • Crisis communication and the secrets of managing PR.
  • The 'golden hour' and why it's critical to managing an incident.


A really good session, the trainer is really knowledgeable and presents it in a really understandable format that the participants really enjoyed.

Wayne Parks, Head of ICT Warwickshire Police

It was really spot on, very practical, non-technical I have a couple of great take aways for my every day work. Highly recommend it for non-technical people.

Catherine Gloor Director Group Information Security UBS

It was amazing. Amar is not just a trainer, he’s an industry expert, and from his experience and knowledge, I actually got some amazing insights.

Suraj Singh Head of SOC Microsoft

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