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cyber security

GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) helps individuals and organisations quickly identify high quality relevant cyber security training courses.

Why was GCT Introduced?

The UK Government has identified a significant shortage of skilled cyber security professionals and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is working with other government departments to address this issue.

GCHQ is one of the three UK Intelligence and Security Agencies, along with MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and provides assistance on the security of Government communications and electronic data.

With the abundance of cyber security training courses on offer, it can be difficult for customers to identify highly competent trainers and good quality courses. GCT addresses this issue – providing customers with a choice of rigorously assessed training providers, thus they can feel confident they’ll receive training that is consistent with industry best practice.

GCHQ has appointed APMG as the independent Certification Body for GCHQ-approved cyber security training courses, due to APMG’s track record for accrediting quality training providers.

APMG certifies the course material, the trainers and administration processes surrounding the course – forming a truly comprehensive assessment process.


What are the benefits of choosing GCT training?

  • Individuals and organizations can easily and quickly identify high quality, relevant training
  • The course materials have been rigorously assessed against the exacting standards of GCHQ
  • The quality of the trainers’ delivery and the course administration has been quality checked
  • GCT is based on the industry-respected IISP Skills Framework
  • GCT is invaluable for anyone seeking to acquire or improve their cyber security skills, including those seekingthe NCSC's Certified Professional status (CCP).

What are the benefits of certification for training providers?

  • Is a key market differentiator which sets courses apart from other cyber security training options
  • Inspires confidence in organisations and individuals that your course is of a high quality, with proof that your cyber security training has been assessed against GCHQ’s rigorous standards
  • Ensures your cyber security training meets high standards of both content and delivery.


Details of the training providers supplying these courses can be found below the course level descriptions.

Course level description

Awareness Level

These courses provide an introduction, awareness and overview of the cyber security landscape.  Typically, they are applicable for those who are taking up a new cyber security role or wishing to enter the profession.

Application Level

Application level courses are designed for specialists, professionals or practitioners within the cyber security field - providing detailed insights and understanding. These courses are most suitable for individuals already working within a cyber security role who wish to further their professional capability.


Certified courseware must be used in conjunction with a GCT certified trainer and GCT certified quality management system to be recognised as GCHQ Certified Training.




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