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Gain the knowledge required to be recognized as a highly competent bid and proposal professional.

Developed by The Association for Proposal Management Professional (APMP) – this certification confirms you have the core competencies corresponding with the skills and scenarios often encountered by bid and proposal professionals.  

APMP certified professionals are best placed for winning business through proposals, bids, tenders and presentations. 

Certify your ability to:

  • Utilise the latest best practices for proposal and bid management.
  • Improve client management and negotiation planning skills.
  • Identify relevant suppliers and partners needed for a proposal to succeed.
  • Win business through information research and management, planning, development and sales orientation.
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APMP-Practitioner™ Assessment

Validate your mastery of bid and proposal techniques.

Before you begin - what is required?

  • The APMP-Foundation certificate
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in a bid and proposals environment
  • A reference of your choice – who can verify your experience and the evidence provided in your submitted Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ).

What does the APMP-Practitioner certificate validate?

  • You are committed to enhancing your professional bid and proposal skills – confirmed by a rigorous review of your experience against a global standard.
  • Your mastery of bid and proposal best practices and your ability to effectively lead and coach teams people in their use.
  • You can assemble and manage teams that can communicate consistent winning strategies – which positively impact customers’ decisions.
  • You are a highly effective bid and proposal professional.

The APMP-Practitioner Assessment

  • There is no an exam for APMP-Practitioner.
  • Instead you complete a 35 question Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ) – which provides objective evidence of your professional experience.
  • You may take as long as you like to complete the PPAQ.
  • A certified assessor will evaluate your PPAQ against the Practitioner Standards and Guidelines before performing a random check of evidence with your reference.
  • Once you have completed the PPAQ - register for the APMP-Practitioner Assessment.


Be recognised for your knowledge of several bid and proposal best practices.

Stakeholder Engagement, Risk Management, Client Engagement, Information Management & Analysis
What is required?
  • A minimum of one year's experience working in a bid and proposals related environment - verified by a reference of your choosing.
Who is Foundation for?
  • People who are relatively new to the bid and proposal environment.
  • People wishing to undertake the APMP Practitioner and Professional certifications.
What are the key things you will learn?
  • The fundamentals of proposal planning and development.
  • How to write persuasive proposals.
  • How to interface directly with internal clients or external customers.
  • Sales methodologies.
Exam format:
  • Multiple choice
  • 75 questions per paper
  • 42 marks required to pass (out of 75 available) – 56%
  • 60 minutes duration


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What is the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)?

The Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) is an internationally recognized association promoting best practice through a diverse range of disciplines within proposal and bid management. Their mission statement is:

"To advance the arts, sciences, and technology of new business acquisition and to promote the professionalism of those engaged in those pursuits."

In order to achieve their mission, the APMP has developed a set of three assessments, and in partnership with APMP, APMG-International provides the administration support required to run this industry leading qualification.

How can I train for the APMP Bid & Proposal Management qualification?

APMG International certifies a number of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who provide training for the qualification along with the exam. Choose the APMP Foundation level and select Find a Course to see the available ATOs.

Do I have to receive training to complete the assessments?

No, however this is recommended. In addition to receiving accredited training, individuals also have the option of self-study to prepare for the assessments. APMG-International administer public exam sessions around the world to accommodate those who self study.

How do I sit the exams?

All accredited training organizations can include the examinations as part of the associated training course. Alternatively, all assessment levels within the APMP scheme can be scheduled online through APMG. 

How much does it cost to complete the assessments?

If you are sitting the examinations through an accredited training organization, the costs of the exams are generally included in the course fee. Online Exam pricing is available at:

Alternatively please contact the APMG-International service desk on +44 (0)1494 452450 or email

What is the structure of the APMP Bid & Proposal Management qualification?

The APMP Bid & Proposal Management qualification is split into three levels:

Foundation: a multiple-choice examination designed to test the basic knowledge of best practice in proposal development. Assessment process:

  • Online or paper based exam
  • 75 questions per paper
  • 42 marks required (out of 75 available) to pass
  • The candidate must provide the name of a reference person to the APMP (such as their line manager, a peer or commissioning client) who is prepared to confirm that the candidate has worked for at least 1 year in a bid and proposal environment


Practitioner: a written self-assessment designed to test the application of best practice in proposal development. Assessment process:

  • The candidate must have provided the name of a reference person to the APMP, (such as their line manager, a peer or a commissioning client) who is prepared to confirm that they have worked for at least 3 years in a bids and proposals environment. The nominated reference will be contacted by the APMP Assessor to discuss a sample of the candidate's responses. The telephone conversation will be at a time convenient to the reference and will last no more than 10-15 minutes
  • The candidate must provide the APMP with a completed Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ) providing evidence to substantiate their application at this level.


Professional: a written peer assessment and interview designed to test the advocacy of best practice in proposal development. Assessment process:

  • The candidate must provide the name of a reference person to the APMP, (such as their line manager, a peer or a commissioning client) who is prepared to provide an independent assessment of the candidate's behavior and attitude
  • The candidate must provide the APMP with a completed Proposal Profession Impact Paper (PPIP) providing evidence of how they have furthered their organization or the profession
  • The candidate must participate in a 45 minute panel Interview (telephone or face-to-face), where they will present and discuss their PPIP.

What is the main publication for APMP Bid & Proposal Management?

The APMP syllabus is partly based on Bids, Tenders & Proposals: Winning Business Through Best Practice by Harold Lewis. 

What languages are the APMP examinations available in?

APMP examinations are currently only available in English.

How long will it take to study the APMP Bid & Proposal Management material?

As all candidates have different experiences self-study time will vary from person to person. 

For those studying with an accredited training organization, course options will vary.


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