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IT Governance & Service

With Service Desk Institute (SDI), Quint Wellington Redwood and Dell

Join us for our Webinar - Recording details below

Providing a brilliant customer or user experience, and ensuring that those experiences are consistently positive, has always been an essential part of the support interaction between a service desk and its business user community. Yet often, the customer experience can be neglected in the pursuit of achieving service level agreements or hitting performance targets. When a customer contacts the service desk, they typically expect a certain experience during their interaction.

Amongst other things they expect:

  • Their issues to be resolved within an agreed time frame
  • Their expectations to be managed in a professional manner
  • To be offered a consistent and courteous service

Managing and meeting customers’ expectations is a critical step in achieving better customer outcomes. During this webinar, you will find out how SDI’s service desk training courses can benefit you and your organisation, and help you deliver a brilliant support experience. You will gain a clear understanding of how to identify the customer’s needs and motivations and how to deal effectively with a variety of service situations.


Join David Wright, SDI’s Chief Value and Innovation Officer, Quint’s Sunil Mehta and Dell’s Siddhartha Sinha who will discuss how service desk operations can be improved using SDI training and how this training can improve you organisations’ service capability and the end to end customer experience.

This webinar has now taken place - you can find details of the recording HERE


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