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The importance of the AgileBA on an Agile project.

The vital role of the Agile Business Analyst

The Business Analyst is a critical role within agile projects and with more and more organizations adopting agile approaches, we need to ensure those performing this crucial role have the necessary skills and expertise.

During this webinar, Dot Tudor explains why the role is so vital and the positive impact an effective Agile Business Analyst can have on ensuring an agile project remains on track and sticks to the project scope and objectives, ensuring that requirements are gathered and prioritised in the appropriate detail at the right time and that project stakeholders are effectively engaged.

Dot also introduces AgileBA – the latest professional training and certification programme from APMG International, in partnership with DSDM Consortium.

The scheme’s syllabus and exams are based on the AgileBA Handbook, written by Dot Tudor and published by the DSDM Consortium. The Handbook offers the first comprehensive set of guidance, framework and practices for the business analyst working on an agile project.

The vital role of the Agile Business Analyst


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