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Pass on your knowledge: how to become an APMG accredited trainer

Due to an unprecedented demand for APMG certifications, there is a need for accredited trainers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. 

APMG International has been accrediting training organisations and trainers for 25 years across a wide range of certifications. If you have had experience in programme and project management, agile delivery, change management, consultant and sales training or project planning, APMG has a certification that could benefit from your practical experience. 

Product experience alone is not sufficient to qualify as an APMG accredited trainer. Training experience is also needed before applying and all trainers are sponsored by an APMG Accredited Training Organisation (ATO). 

This webinar will outline the APMG Approved Trainer accreditation process including the experience and skills that are required. 

Pass on your expertise to another generation. Become an APMG accredited trainer. 

A list of APMG certifications can be found here.

Pass on your knowledge: how to become an APMG accredited trainer


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