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IT Governance & Service

The benefits of SDI for analysts and managers.

Making the case for SDI training & certification

Some managers are great at seeing opportunities for engaging and motivating their teams through the opportunity to sit career-relevant exams. These managers spend their training budgets wisely, ensuring that the individual’s – as well as the entire team’s – needs, aspirations and career paths are well-supported.

Other managers are, shall we say, less proficient in this important aspect of management.

So how do we bring those reluctant-to-spend-budget managers on board?

This webinar identifies some of the key benefits of SDI exams for analysts, managers and the organisation in which they work. It will provide you with some powerful reasons as to why you and your team should undergo training and sit the exams as a key part of your journey towards becoming fully-fledged service and support professionals.

Making the Case for SDI Training & Certification



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