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IT Governance & Service

The Internet of Things is here.

IT Asset Management and the Internet of Things

In October 2016, a massive Denial of Service attack was launched against a US company that manages critical parts of the internet infrastructure. This attack caused websites across large sections of the country to be inaccessible for a protracted period of time.

As the New York Times reported:

". . . in a troubling development, the attack appears to have relied on hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices like cameras, baby monitors and home routers that have been infected — without their owners’ knowledge — with software that allows hackers to command them to flood a target with overwhelming traffic."

The Internet of Things is here. And as the episode above illustrates, not having proper control over the security of these IT assets creates an entirely new set of vulnerabilities that must be understood and managed. Anything less can subject a company to severe damage.

In this third webinar of our series, we will look at the impact that the proliferation of internet connected devices can have for the enterprise, and why a sound IT assets management program is essential to help reduce risk.

Our presenter is Ms. Patricia M. Cicala. Pat has over 35 years of experience in the management of technology, with expertise in the areas of IT asset management, procurement, contracts, and strategic technology workplace development. Prior to forming Cicala & Associates, Pat was the Vice President and Worldwide Practice Leader for Asset Management and Procurement at Gartner Group, Inc., the leading technology research authority. Pat also served previously as Vice President of Worldwide Asset Management and Enterprise Vendor Relations at Citibank/Citicorp.

Pat is a current member of the ISO WG 21 Software Standards Committee for SAM Standards as a representative to Liaison Organization of IAITAM, CXO Executive Forum Director for IAITAM and an IAITAM fellow.

IT Asset Management and the Internet of Things


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