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Change, Risk & Benefits

Raising the standard for change management professionals.

Introducing the New Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK)

The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) was released by the Change Management Institute in October 2013. The BoK provides a comprehensive source of information for change managers, describing the competencies that make an effective change manager as well as giving guidance and sign-posting sources on how to effectively lead change.

This webinar explains:

  • Who the Change Management Institute are and why they have created a Body of Knowledge
  • An overview of what a Body of Knowledge is, how it is used and why it is important
  • What the new Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) covers

The new BoK is designed as a vital resource for change management professionals which makes this webinar highly relevant to current and aspiring change managers, as well as those interested in becoming more involved in change management and those recruiting change managers.

Introducing the New Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK)


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