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Using change management skills to improve project management.

Increase your project success with effective business change management

Delivering successful organizational change is still a challenge despite huge advances in the P3 professions over the past few years. Organizations still fail to reap the benefits from projects and programmes, despite more effective delivery and governance frameworks. Perhaps we need to focus more on the people?

Join our webinar for an insight into what effective business change management can achieve during organizational change. Two case studies will be used to illustrate key points in the project lifecycle where a focus on people can make the crucial difference between success and failure. We will also discuss how business change and project management can work together, and where possible tensions may lie.

The webinar will be delivered by esteemed author, business change consultant and lead change management trainer for SPOCE, Nicola Busby. Her recent publication, “The Shape of Change: A guide to planning, implementing and embedding organisational change”, has been entered into the CMI Management Book of the Year competition. Also available to explain the different learning methods for gaining your Change Management qualification is SPOCE Client & Partner Manager and change management practitioner, Sarah Mullins.

Increase your project success with effective business change management


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