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Change, Risk & Benefits

Simple, easy to understand, and practical tips to effectively manage change.

The Golden Rules of Change Management

After years of working as a change manager and teaching others how to do it, Dan Skelsey has boiled it down into a few simple Golden Rules. These are simple, easy to understand, and practical to do. Dan was one of the contributing authors to the recently published Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) from the Change Management Institute.

"This is not a substitute for learning the full spectrum of change management thinking and practice, but these few simple rules will help any company improve their change management".

There are many reasons to improve your change management approach, but two of them are to maximise your return on investment and minimise the impact on everyday, business-as-usual operations.

This webinar focuses on the golden rules, explain what they mean, and the practicalities of using them.

The Golden Rules of Change Management


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