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Project, Programme & Portfolio

Want to master your budget and deliver the output of your projects on time?

Early Delivery of Real Business Benefits with Agile Project Management

What about if the needs of your clients change during development of the solution and they want to obtain early benefits delivery? Is this only possible for IT software updates and some small projects?

Agile Project Management is a mature and structured project management methodology. It encompasses pre-project, foundation (including Business Case) and feasibility stages before entering into iterative exploration and engineering stages.

It is accepted that change is inevitable and that the detail of the solutions progress iteratively.

This webinar provides the essential highlights of AgilePM and help you to understand the benefits of implementing this methodology in your organization.  You will also learn when it's appropriate to use waterfall methods such as PRINCE2® and when it’s better to use Agile PM.

This session will be presented by Lenny Descamps from APMG (Agile PM Practitioner) and Jeff Ball from QRP-International (Agile PM Practitioner & Accredited Trainer).

Early Delivery of Real Business Benefits with Agile Project Management


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