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Cyber Security

Talking all things cyber, join us for this free event in partnership with Trusted Computing Limited & Specialist Industries to show businesses the current cyber threats. An informative and packed day with leading industry presentations, cyber experts and live demonstrations with complimentary lunch.

Cyber Survival '17

This is a Jargon-free event targeting business owners to grow awareness of current threats towards businesses, to explain the Cyber Essentials scheme and the real benefits and explain the best solutions

Would your business survive a cyber attack or natural disaster?

We will demonstrate, live, the devastating effects of cyber crime by deliberately running a computer virus on an isolated system, and show you the simple, tangible steps to take to ensure your business survives with minimal operational impact when disaster strikes.

Reserve your place now by clicking on the registration button and we'll contact you to confirm your booking; there will be limited places available at the venue, so early applications are advised!


Certified Cyber Professional (CCP)

Illuminating Information Assurance experts

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Cyber Resilience and Security

Strengthen your knowledge or an organization’s resilience against cyber based threats

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The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Code of Practice

Ensure your cloud services are a beauty to behold

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