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Cyber Security

Keeping Ahead of the Threat - Part 1: Cyber Essentials

Cyber Lunch & Learn: Cyber Essentials

On May 12th the ubiquitous WannaCry attack struck businesses around the globe. Its impact has been well documented and very few will be unaware of the effects of the virus. APMG Cyber is launching a Lunch-and-Learn ‘Keeping Ahead of The Threat’ series of bitesize webinars.

In the first of our mini-series, we look at how Cyber Essentials can help defend your business in understandable language – helping you to improve your resilience to future threats of this nature.

Our cyber experts Martin Huddleston - APMG’s Head of Cyber and former Principal Cyber Solutions Architect at the Government’s Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) - and Andy Taylor - Lead Cyber Assessor for APMG, who has worked in cyber security since his time in the Royal Navy during the 1980’s - will help you to understand what help is available to you.

Cyber Lunch and Learn - Cyber Essentials


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