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Integrating change management and Agile approaches.

Change Management for Scrum Masters and Project Managers

Management is the collection of activities and techniques that minimize the risk of failure to realize benefits. Change Management is an essential partner to Agile approaches, enabling the early and frequent realization of benefits and return on investment.

This webinar explains how to integrate change management and Agile approaches and the implications this has for the roles of Scrum Masters and Project Managers. We will also explore which change activities to include in the Product Backlog and how to incorporate this work into each Sprint.

This webinar is relevant to you if you are working as part of an Agile team or you are managing projects or programmes which use Agile approaches. Change Managers will also find this useful, as the webinar explains how important close working relationships with Agile practitioners are for effective change management.

Change Management for Scrum Masters and Project Managers


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