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Change, Risk & Benefits

Or should it be left to Change Managers and other change professionals?

Is change management a discipline that all managers should be able to do?

Cath will explore the need for Change Management to be seen as a general management skill rather than a “management fad”. The Dilbert Principle, beloved around Christmas time, emphasises the growth of the discipline as a management fad but can you really move forward with a Continuous Improvement attitude without an understanding of the theories contained within Change Management?  Mistakes are  often found in projects because the “wetware” are not considered in the programme but if all mangers understood Change would this be the case?   Cath will use a variety of case studies and examples to discuss this topic.

Cath Convery has been working in both the public and private sector in Change Management and specifically Learning and Development for the last 30 years.  She is passionate about Change Management and working with groups to ensure that changes in process, policy or vision take teams with them rather than simply be applied to groups.

Is change management a discipline that all managers should be able to do?


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