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Change, Risk & Benefits

Implementing change successfully at a "local" level.

Change Agents: the pathfinders for change

Any organisation with tough change challenges ahead, needs boots on the ground … motivated, enthusiastic, persuasive employees who can lead the way and help others through the stresses and strains of transition.

These are the Local Change Agents who are pivotal to successful change. Local because they’re down at the grassroots rather than sitting in the Boardroom. They network well, they’re great with people and they spread the right messages. But to be really effective they need techniques such as active listening, influencing skills and group facilitation.

They’re your army of pathfinders (think UN Blue Berets, not galactic stormtroopers), able to assess your organisation’s readiness for change and the severity of its impact. Ready to support colleagues and help people support each other.

They can learn these vital skills through an exciting new qualification, APMG’s Certified Local Change Agent. This webinar introduces the course, outlines the benefits and answers your questions. Sign up for it today.

Change Agents: the pathfinders for change


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