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IT Governance & Service

Aligning “the business” with IT is the holy grail of all large corporations, and has been since the advent of IT Service Management over 25 years ago.

The Business Value of IT Asset Management

This alignment promises to increase a firm’s competitiveness, make better use of scarce budget dollars, and allow the shared services part of the business to provide greater value to the revenue producing parts of the enterprise.

But it is not enough to stop with IT Service Management. IT Asset Management should also be aligned with business objectives. Both IT Service Management and IT Asset Management start with the letters “IT”, and both are critical.

IT Asset Management relies on the business goals for the organization to set priorities and is instrumental in setting the stage for IT to support those goals. ITAM creates and manages the processes for ordering, managing, tracking, and delivering the IT assets that ITSM practitioners require in order to build and deliver services dictated by those business objectives. The better the communication and coordination between IT Asset Management and IT Service Management, the more successful both are at delivering to those business objectives with minimized risks and maximized value.

In the 7th webinar in our series, we will focus on how IT Asset Management can be better aligned with corporate goals, and deliver even greater value to the enterprise.

Our speaker is Mr. Walter Darrough. Walter currently serves as a Business Value Consultant for Flexera Software. Over the past several years, Walter served as the Global Asset Manager for Dell. Walter has also held the position of Knowledge Executive and Program Advisor for IAITAM (International Association of IT Asset Managers). His thirty-plus years of IT experience has focused on the Financial, Retail, Education, Health Care, Energy, Government, Services and Transportation industries.

Walter has extensive experience in product development, implementation, data center and back office operations. This experience provides him the necessary background to help companies advance their IT Asset Management and other business practices. Over the past several years, Walter has worked exclusively with organizations seeking to better understand the benefits of advancing their IT Asset Management practices and in developing and implementing effective ITAM strategies. Walter holds CSAM, CHAMP and CITAM certifications from IAITAM, as well as an ITIL Foundation certificate. In 2011, Walter was inducted as an ITAM Fellow by the International Association of IT Asset Managers. Walter holds a Computer Science degree and Administrative Leadership degree from the University of Oklahoma.

The Business Value of IT Asset Management


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