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Discover how to map your BRM team's journey to success.

Learn to develop strategies to advance your BRM team

Join the local one day BRMConnect Forum where you'll be able to develop your own journey map, in a workshop style format - to further your BRM team's success.

Aaron Barnes and Marleen Lundy from BRM Institute (BRMI), with #BRMLegends - will facilitate the day in leveraging BRMI guidance to develop strategies and plans which can advance your BRM team and enable business function beyond service management into a strategic partnership.

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A lost man holding a map, stood infront of his vehicle on an empty road - surrounding by fog.

OBASHI® - Business and IT Management

Clearing the fog surrounding your business - helping you to make the right decisions

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Chess Board

Business Relationship Management (BRM) Certifications

Master the art of business strategy

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Asteroid hurtling towards earth

Financial Management for the Development Professional (FMD Pro)

High-impact programs in the development and humanitarian relief sector

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