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Getting the best of both worlds.

Aligning AgilePM with PRINCE2

In this webinar Melanie Franklin shares her experiences of implementing agile project management into organizations that currently run their projects using a PRINCE2 based approach. It is aimed at those with knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology but little or no understanding of the AgilePM approach.

The session is in four parts:

  • The business case for aligning the two approaches and not simply replacing PRINCE2 with AgilePM
  • Clarification of the differences between AgilePM and PRINCE2
  • Understanding how the roles and responsibilities in your current PRINCE2 based project methodology can be aligned with those defined in AgilePM
  • Understanding the change in emphasis needed to successfully apply AgilePM at every step of the project lifecycle

This is a webinar for pragmatists who recognize the need to retain best practice in project management, whilst acknowledging the desire by many to move towards the greater flexibility offered by Agile Project Management.

Aligning AgilePM with PRINCE2



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