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Often it's not one or the other; it's a blend that's required.

Agile Wars and how to avoid them

At the heart of Agile, we value “individuals and interactions above processes and tools”. And yet for many years, the various Agile approaches appear to have been at war with one another. All too often, Agile is offered as a binary choice (“you are either agile or not agile”), together with the recommendation that one Agile approach (usually the one being “sold in”) is all you need.

This all  seems a long way from our original intention that Agile should be a collaborative, cooperative (and pragmatic) approach, targeted at delivering the best solution for the customer.

In this webinar, Barbara Roberts (Signatory of the Agnostic Agile Oath and Director for Professional Development at the Agile Business Consortium) will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the most commonly adopted agile approaches. Barbara will also focus on the benefits of blending approaches for successful Agile implementation, using a range of examples from different organizations.

The webinar is intended as a starting point to support decision-making for those starting their Agile journey, and those that are experiencing challenges with their current Agile practices.

Agile Wars and how to avoid them #2


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