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Les Clarke from accrediting training provider Stratsure - explains the Praxis Framework™ Certification's distinct features.

1. The name of the framework viz. Praxis, is a word that can be used in English for example:

  • practice, as distinguished from theory.
    "modern political praxis is now thoroughly permeated with a productivist ethos"
  • accepted practice or custom.
    "patterns of Christian praxis in Church and society"

2. The Praxis Fframework™ is intended to distinguish itself from theoretical approaches. Key to the framework’s embedding is the senior level acceptance of its structure followed by incremental implementation in practical steps over a period of time.

3. The Praxis Framework is a digital, open-source framework for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios in any environment.

4. Praxis is far more than being a methodology for managing projects. Praxis brings together a body of knowledge, methodology, competence framework and capability maturity model in a single integrated framework with a single structure and terminology. No more need for mapping and translation between different guides.

5. The framework is supported by a knowledgebase of resources and an encyclopaedia. This information is accessible online through a well-structured user interface.

6. Included on the Praxis Fframework web site, are some exceptional examples explaining how Praxis could be used for a portfolio, programme and a project.

7. Also included in the web site is a wealth of free resources. An encyclopaedia of tools and techniques, templates, articles, a 360° capability maturity assessment tool, a glossary of project management terminology and much more is available on the Praxis website.  

8. Most project, programme and portfolio management guides are updated by panels of experts every few years. The aim with Praxis is to update and extend the framework and library on a continuous basis. As our users provide adaptations and lessons learned, they will incorporate these into the framework.

9. The Praxis course will equip you with all the pertinent skills that otherwise can only be acquired by attending multiple five-day courses and further training in interpersonal skills.

10. There is no such thing as a typical project, programme or portfolio and Praxis is not prescriptive in the way its components are applied. The framework is designed to provide building blocks that can be tailored and assembled to suit all manner of different contexts.

11. Praxis builds on the essentials of other guides like PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP®, P3O® and interpersonal skills (amongst others) enabling professionals with these accreditations to feel comfortable while acquiring the more embracing Praxis skills.

12. Another definition: Praxis (from Ancient Greek: πρᾶξις, translit. práxis) is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized. "Praxis" may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practising ideas.

About Les Clarke

Les is the founding partner of Stratsure CC South Africa, a project and programme management training and consulting company based in Gauteng. He is a specialist trainer for The Praxis Framework™ Certification, PS Professional® and Service Desk Institute Certifications.

Les has an extraordinary depth of experience having spent many years in the Project Management environment assisting SAA, Tshwane Municipality, IEC, Galileo, ABSA, Denel, IDC, IBM and RMB.

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