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Specialist technology company becomes the first CDCAT® reseller in the United States.

CA & CTEN, a technology company specialising in the information and service sectors with an emphasis on cyber, mid-tech, engineering and information management systems – has decided to offer the Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT®) as one of its organizational cyber security service solutions.

CDCAT® is a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment service, made commercially available through the examination and accreditation body, APMG International.

CDCAT® provides a powerful solution for US organizations which, in light of numerous public attacks - share similar cyber security challenges to those in other countries.

Richard Thurston, CA & CTEN CEO said,

“It is clear that cyber resilience should be a board level issue and form part of a total strategic approach to risk management. CDCAT® offers any enterprise the capability to take a holistic view of their cyber defence posture and form an approach which enables the board to make investment decisions based on clear and concise empirical evidence.  

“In the near future – increasing development of Internet of Things (IOT) and the push of the fourth industrial revolution will present significant challenges to enterprises. It is here that CDCAT® will enable organizations to make a step change in risk management.”

The CA & CTEN service is powered by CDCAT®; Government technology developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

CDCAT® facilitates an organization’s entire journey towards achieving an effective level of cyber maturity – by highlighting a business’ vulnerabilities and producing reliable qualitative and vital quantitative evidence with which to inform effective cyber security investment.  

CA & CTEN is committed to helping its clients establish the strongest position in their chosen market. Explaining how CDCAT® supports this – Richard Thurston said, “Our clients need to have the best advice on how to establish long term resilient market positions. One of the components of any successful company must be to provide not only the advice but also knowledge of tool sets and capabilities that can support their clients’ aspirations.

“CDCAT® is a very cost-effective way of providing a key component of the resilience picture. We are of the view that it will enable our clients to achieve a competitive edge by providing the practical advantage of significantly reducing the possibility of an attack with all of the associated costs, repetitional damage and potential business failure.”

After a discussion with APMG’s CEO Richard Pharro and Head of Cyber, Martin Huddleston - CA & CTEN CEO Richard Thurston signed the reseller agreement at APMG’s UK headquarters October 24th.

Richard Pharro (left) and Richard Thurston (right) shaking hands

Richard Pharro said,

“I’m glad that CA & CTEN has decided to extend CDCAT®’s reach to organizations in the US - which are facing the same pressing cyber security concerns as the rest of the world. Organizations often make ill-advised cyber security investments or overlook crucial vulnerabilities altogether – all due to the lack of a concrete, evidence based approach.

“The CDCAT® service is underpinned by cutting-edge technology and its mitigations are continuously updated so that organizations can keep ahead of continuously evolving threats. I’m confident this collaboration between APMG and CA & CTEN will help US corporations make more informed decisions.”  




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