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Cyber Security

You’ll never look at those friend requests in the same way again!

Why you need to start thinking like a hacker

Social engineering attacks are on the rise. As technical defences get better, hackers are turning to your staff as the weak point in your security. Lisa Forte previously worked for UK Counter Terrorism Intelligence and one of the UK’s Police Cyber Crime Units. Whilst there, the growth in the rate of social engineering attacks became apparent. Lisa left to found her own company and deliver GCHQ-certified social engineering training.

In this webinar Lisa will cover the four types of social engineering attack, how to identify and stop these attacks, and why you should “think like a hacker” when you post information online.

Lisa will use examples from real cases she worked on to illustrate that even a company with a mature security posture can be vulnerable to these attacks. Register today

Why you need to start thinking like a hacker


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