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Sourcing Governance Foundation Certification

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COS-FP Sourcing LogoThe Sourcing Governance Foundation course provides a basic knowledge of what the main concepts of Outsourcing and Sourcing Governance are and how they can be applied. Best practice shows that implementing and operating a Sourcing Governance Function will require staff awareness and understanding of the key principles and concepts of outsourcing and sourcing governance. In this course an interactive approach is used combining lecture, discussion and exercises.

International Association of Outsourcing Professionals LogoAPMG-International has created the Sourcing Governance Foundation certification in conjunction with International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®).

Undertaking the course and successfully passing the examination qualifies an individual for COS-FP (Certified Outsourcing Specialist™ - Foundation Principles) certification from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®).

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Benefits for Individuals

  • Develop positive, long-term, results-driven relationships with external service providers.
  • Gain exposure to and general knowledge of the basic principles and skills of the outsourcing industry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge against an independently developed set of industry-wide standards.
  • Understand the challenges of implementing and operating a sourcing governance function.
  • Earn PMI PDUs and IAOP certification points.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Restore managerial control and manage risk on the part of providers.
  • Deliver improved management of sourcing IT projects resulting in better, more consistent results.
  • Encourage staff awareness and understanding of key principles and concepts of outsourcing and sourcing governance.
  • Understand the changing role of the IT organization when outsourcing and act accordingly.
  • Reduce costs, focus on core competencies, shorten time to market and improve quality of service through effective management of outsourcing.


Pre-requisites - Some experience working in an IT organization is recommended.

You should understand the key principles and terminology within the Sourcing Governance guidance. Specifically you will have acquired and demonstrated knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Opportunities, Risks and forms of Outsourcing (Knowing)
  • Lifecycle approach to Outsourcing (Knowing)
  • Sourcing Strategy (Knowing, Comprehending)
  • Scoping (Knowing, Comprehending)
  • Selection and Due Diligence (Knowing, Comprehending)
  • Contracting (Knowing)
  • Transition (Knowing, Comprehending)
  • The Demand Supply Governance Framework (DSGF) (Knowing, Comprehending)
  • Implementing a Demand Supply Organization (Knowing, Comprehending).


  • Earn 14 PMI PDUs.
  • Earn 25 COP points towards certification by IAOP.
  • Earn 15 CEH points for recertification by IAOP.

This course is aimed at professionals working for both client and service provider organisation in the IT industry who have little experience in outsourcing.

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice
  • 40 questions per paper
  • 28 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) - 70%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed-book.

The exam is currently paper-based. An on-line exam will be available in future.

Recommended Reading

The following titles are available from APMG-Business Books.

Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (IAOP)


Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge OPBOK Version 10 (English version)


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