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APMG-International and SFIA Partnership

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APMG-International has formed a strategic partnership with SFIA, enabling us to map APMG certifications to the SFIA competency framework for IT skills.

As organizations seek to hire and develop their staff in order to meet the demands of the business, the SFIA framework helps match the skills of the IT workforce to the needs of the organization. SFIA aids the management of recruitment, training and development of staff. It can also provide an assessment of workforce capability, and so help organizations plan and manage their IT change programmes. For employees, SFIA provides guidance on routes for career progression and promotion.

Responsibility Levels and Content Categories

The framework tags skills with a responsibility level and a content category.

There are 7 levels of responsibilty:

  • Follow
  • Assist
  • Apply
  • Enable
  • Ensure / Advise
  • Initiate / Influence
  • Set strategy, inspire and mobilize.

The content categories are divided into six main areas:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Business Change
  • Solutions Development and Implementation
  • Service Management
  • Procurement and Management Support
  • Client Interface.

The SFIA Framework and its Relationship to Certifications

SFIA recognizes that experience and certifications validate an individual's capability to perform a role effectively. While certifications verify elements of skill or knowledge, experience provides a practical demonstration of capability.

Linking Certifications to Job Roles

To assist individuals and organizations to determine training choices and workforce planning we have identified which certifications support which roles.

APMG Certifications on the SFIA Framework

Mapping APMG certifications to SFIA enables us to explain how APMG certifications relate to each other, and how personnel can best develop their knowledge, skills and certifications portfolio for specific IT roles.

To find out how each of our certifications levels maps to the SFIA framework please download our full paper (pdf - 160KB).